Living the D-Life means living a lifestyle of Disciple-Making.

Think about it. What if you could successfully equip and empower everyone in your ministry for a lifestyle of disciple-making? What if everyone embraced disciple-making as a way of life instead of a program of the church?
What if believers all over the world started living out their supreme purpose in life and started making disciples just like Jesus? This would be a game changer!

This is the purpose of D-Life.

D-Life is a simple, biblical, and reproducible process for equipping every believer for a lifestyle of disciple-making.

D-Life is not a program; it's a lifestyle.

It's an organic, intentional, and simple process for equipping all believers for a lifestyle of making and multiplying disciples.
It’s Biblical: With the Bible as your only textbook, D-Life is modeled after the example of Jesus and His six practices of discipleship.
 It’s Reproducible: D-Life is a proven plan for multiplying disciples.
 It’s Multigenerational: D-Life is for all ages and genders.
It’s Intentional: D-Life training materials are provided for equipping leaders.
It’s Transformational: D-Life is a process for building a disciple-making culture in your ministry.

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